Artist Statement

My art is like my music.  It can only be created when I have the need to deliver a message.  My message can sometimes seem dark.  Sometimes it’s whimsical.  I portray my thoughts and feelings as they are; sometimes ugly, sometimes an exaggerated version of the world as it’s seen with the eyes only.  No matter the result, it is real emotion translated to a canvas. 

My personal preference is to create colorful pieces with bold reds, blues, yellows and turquoise tones with styles that live in an expressionism realm; However, I do have a knack for still life, nature, and animals as well.

"The Beast" 14x11" Oil

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“Gratitude for Kaylene” Acrylic 16x20” (2023) - SOLD

“Prayer Plant” Acrylic on Wood 8.75x7” (2023) - SOLD

“Procession” 11x11” Acrylic (2023) - COMMISSION

"Skelehippie" 10x8" Acrylic (2023) - COMMISSION

"A Bridge To Burn" 14x11" Oil (2020) - SOLD

"Boy and His Horse" 10x8" Acrylic (2020) - SOLD

"Life" 16x20" Acrylic (2023) - SOLD

"KK" 14x11" Oil (2020) - SOLD

"The Beast" 14x11" Oil (2020) - SOLD

"Trees" 10x8" Acrylic (2020) - SOLD

"Sabrina's Garden" 8x10" Acrylic (2022) - SOLD

"Acoustic Wonderland" 11x14" Oil (2020) - SOLD

"Some Of Us Are Sick" 8x10" Acrylic (2020) - CONTACT FOR PRICE


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